Fashion Show of Moda de Tango

COSTUME COUTURE BERLIN is currently showing its Dancewear Collection at Tango Festivals, Gala Events and in various locations around the world.

Fashion Shows with Tango dancers

She designed and co-created flamboyant Fashion Shows with Tango dancers, featuring her dressings in Buenos Aires, co-produced with Johana Copes at the LADIES TANGO WEEK (2007), Teatro Astor Piazzolla, Centro de Arte y Espectaculo;  in San Francisco at SAN FRANCISCO TANGO WEEK (2012), in Berlin at TANGO TANZEN MACHT SCHÖN (2010), in Moskau at the INTERNATIONAL TANGO FESTIVAL MOSKAU (2012), in Helsinki’s FROSTBITE “An All Blonde Fashion SHow” (2013) and in Basel at OSTERTANGO BASEL (2014) under the creative direction of Cecile Sidler.

Modas de Tango in the USA and South America

Her Modas de Tango Collection in the past has regularly been featured at SAN FRANCISCO TANGO WEEK (2004 – 2018), in LOS ANGELES Tango Festival (2015/ 2016), at TUCSON Tango Festival in Arizona (2010-2013), TANGOWEEK with Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Ann in New York City (2009),  CHICAGO TANGO WEEK (2016) and CITA in Buenos Aires (2008 – 2010).

Tango Shows in Europe

COSTUME COUTURE BERLIN was part of the early Tango festivals in Europe: “TANGO AMADEUS” (Vienna), “LONDON TANGO WEEK & Championship“ at glamorous Porchester Hall (London), INTERNATIONAL TANGO CHAMPIONSHIP (Rome), INTERNATIONALES TANGO FESTIVAL BERLIN, TANGONALE – Ufa Fabrik (Berlin), “TANGO MAGIA” (Amsterdam). Till today, for many years now, COSTUME COUTURE BERLIN exhibits her collection at the famous and popular OSTERTANGO (Basel) and Germanys oldest Tango Gala Event WUPPERTALER TANGO BALL, in the famous Historic City Hall of Wuppertal, as well as the International TANGO INTERMEZZO (Copenhagen).