My concept

Gold collar - made by Bettina Maria Fahlbusch
Different fabrics - Costume Couture Berlin

Early beginnings

Over the last few decades, my work has undergone many metamorphoses, from initially designing richly ornate knit fabrics composed with faux furs, handpainted silks & velvets as my early Art To Wear and High Fashion Collections in California, to designing fantasy costumes for theatrical productions. Additionally, I produced a line of minimalist black & white silk shirts as well as Basics in natural fabrics.

Inspiration of Tango Argentino

In the wake of the growing popularity of social dancing, I was greatly inspired by TANGO ARGENTINO to invent and design “Tango Fashion” in California in 2004, to later lead to the founding of the label COSTUME COUTURE BERLIN, becoming a trend for dressing for dancing and special occasions in ballrooms around the world.

From the Art of Fashion to the Heart of Fashion

While my concept of fashion design is not catering to mainstream fashion, it offers in essence a refugium of fantasy to be able to enter dream scapes of playful romanticism, femininity and sensuality, while still being highly wearable and combineable for many occasions.
As a female Berliner fashion designer, operating in an internationally widely male and profit oriented dominated industry, I perceive the trends of the “dictat de la mode” as its direct product, that often, sadly, overlooks the real need in women to be offered individualized fashion, a fashion understood from a female perspective. A fashion that considers individual needs, that honors the artisan spirit of original handmade garment production and speaks to the unique expression of timeless beauty, mystery and elegance of femininity, allowing for all ages.

Recycled materials and small lots

The materials I use are primarily recycled lots from small to medium sized warehouses in Europe and the West Coast, being produced in France, Italy, Turkey, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Asia. While I try to use as much as natural fabrics as possible, sadly, the dyes and finishing techniques applied to raw materials often are just not yet up to standard.

Being aware of widely ranging individual sizing challenges, I offer style consulting & coaching, as well as personalized custom made patterns & designs upon request.