Atelier from Costume Couture Berlin

The origins of the design atelier COSTUME COUTURE BERLIN started on the Pacific Coast of California, in the ICB Building – formerly a ship construction warehouse – in the famous town of Sausalito by the Bay, which has a long tradition for being a hub of famous artists, musicians and innovation since the late 60-ties. Surrounded by yachts and a neighborhood that housed famous names such as Carlos Santana, Jerry Garcia, Sharon Stone and George Lucas, Bettina Maria built a successful art business for 21 years.

Second Atelier in Buenos Aires

In 2007 she opened a second location in Buenos Aires, Argentina to develop her sub collection BETTINA MARIA – MODAS DE TANGO, studying the uniqueness of draping fabrics for dance & movement in 3 dimensional space.

Moving to Europe

With the rising cost on the Westcoast and San Francisco Real Estate and the fast growing popularity of the niche market of social dancing, Bettina Maria realized Europe to be a better basis for production and distribution of her Dancewear Collection, with Berlin at the creative center of it.

Typical location in Berlin

As typical for original locations in Berlin, her atelier today is housed in a converted former car garage in Prenzlauer Berg, once again filled with fabrics, laces and accessoires. Here, the various collections and unique one of a kind dresses are individually created by herself and a small team of contractors.

Visits only by appointment.